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Hi Readers,
This is one of the member’s blog. Please do come in and read her article. Below is her 1st post. Show some support, support!


This is page about me (V) and my boy (D). Mummy V is working full-time and running a business online too, with a group of mumpreneurs. The group is fun-loving and we do lots of sharing, learning and growing together as well as having family-friendly events too! Mummy V and baby D faces lots of ups and downs, as well as struggles in our ‘first’ journey together. V being a first-time mummy and D in his growing-up path.

Mummy V had lots of conflicting thoughts from the moment D arrived – to breastfeed or not, whether to have a dummy, co-sleep or crib, and many many more. I believe the list will be never-ending and even more challenging ahead.

Thus, the birth of this page V+D Wellness because we hope to share the things that we had learnt from each other, the struggles we had faced and the happy moments we experienced. We hope this would be a platform that would provide some insights as well as inspiration to other parents/children out there. And of course, we hope that readers are also able to share with us their ideas and views as well. Feel free to comment and share your experiences too! 🙂

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