Feeling blessed.

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Feeling blessed.


So one day, I was having wine with my cliché of friends, relaxing and catching up with the latest situations of our lives when suddenly the discussion went to having a bike trip in Japan.

There is so much laughter talking about the route and where fly to start and where we end. As usual, ladies were all lost at the orientation of the route and gentlemen were lost in the excitement of the bike ride.

I suddenly felt I was quiet and was listening to the conversation for a long time without the chance of joining in the discussion.

They talked about asking for time off or if they had enough off days to claim. They joked about getting medical certificates then made opinions on how expensive it will be.
I sat there in the midst, not really contributing to this topic as I didn’t have any problems with taking time off work. Unlike them, my work hours were flexible, allowing me to balance time to my friends and work without any worry.

I had a strong feeling, feeling so blessed that I am in control of my own time.  Don’t get me wrong, I work hard each day but I could decide when to stop and when not to.  Being bonded by time is one of the hardest things to deal with.  Sacrificing our precious time with our love ones to selling the times to our employment.  Anyway, I am really enjoying my business making more than average employment and most important not slaving my time to the company.

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