To children school

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Today, brought my kids to their school. Normally, had my parents helping to fetch us over. But today, they unable to come over.

So 3 of us went on by bus. Was a crowded bus, my kids was looking for seats. But on one was there to let them sit.

Was blessed that suddenly someone gave up her seat, very appreciated the lady who gave up your seat.

As walking to school after dropping down from bus. Was thinking…..

Wah. Everyday, the mothers or fathers who do not have a transportation. Everyday need to take bus or walk so that they able to bring their beloved kids to school. And after that need to rush to work. After work, need to rush back to fetch kids….

I’m the lucky ones that decided to start the journey in this own time, own target online business. With the supports from my spouses. And with a great team working together. Thats why, i’m able to send my kids to school without rushing off. Even have the time to say goodbye to my kids.

Which makes me wanting to write this article today. To those parents with kids, needs to balance between work and family. Hope able to meet more of these group of people, we can share our problems, our tips on how to handle between 2 sides.

Cheers everyone, is a great monday. Ending with a great breakfast picture before starting my training with some of the group members.

This breakfast is it familiar? Haha. The location i’m now at is in bishan….

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