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Hi Readers,
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This blog is created to care and encourage each other and make more friends.  My dream is to empower more single moms to discover the strength within us.

Hi I am Christine; a single mother blessed with three kids. 

Well, everyone knows the challenges of a single mom so I am not going to blah blah blah about it.

But sharing some experiences raising them…… I sometimes feel unfair as I have to be a mom and I have to be a dad too.  But after these years, I really appreciate what life has made me.

Are you ready to hear it?  After all these years, besides being a mom … I became a plumber, an electrician, a teacher, a cleaner, a chauffeur, a counsellor, an entrepreneur…… and the list goes on.  

With all the challenges, I almost forget myself trying to make the children comfortable and not feel ‘different’.

To keep my kids going and maintain my standard of living I tried all ways to generate income but I was so encouraged each time I come home with my children telling me how great I was,, now I am an awesome mom to them.

Right, so much of being a single mom, I also eventually found myself.  I love to bake now and make lots of friends while learning to bake and cook.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a good cook but I am good learning from other moms, 3 ingredients recipes, 20 mins dinner ready recipes and easy healthy snacks etc.  I am really enjoying quick dinner and snacks prepared for my children.

I love to watch movies with my kids, all new movies we will watch first hand! I love to spend time at the park feeding the fish in the pond. I also have 2 cats and I adore them so much and because of them, I make lots of cat lover friends too.

I am thankful and grateful that what was taken away from me make me a stronger and happier person now.


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