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Hi, all the readers in this Mummy Circle.

We set up this, is to help more women and their families to enable them to have financially independent, have fun together, have someone to talk with, support each other. Bring each and everyone of us together.

To let the individual’s spouses to understand what their the other half is doing. So we welcome everyone, not only mummies, even spouses are welcome here.

We will be doing regularly updates on events on how our group’s mummies or non mummies are doing.

Please do follow us here. So that we can spread the words out to help more women, individuals and their families.

The sunrise picture symbolizes a new beginning, a new start.

Throw away the past, let a new day, new beginning starts from here.

Cheers everyone have a great reading.

5 comments on “Welcome Readers”

  1. Hello, I’m intrigued by your circle and its mission. However, I’m curious about how the circle supports the bloggers in being financially independent and helping them start online businesses. Can enlighten? Also, is it possible for outsiders to join this circle i.e. start a blog and receive support for starting an online business? Thanks!

    1. Hi Eunice, thanks for commenting this blog. We help to promoting for them to increase their network. Also we gives trainings for them too. Most of them are new bloggers. We guide them how to write a blog on their own. How to join us, we have send am email to you.

  2. Hi, I’m a working mum and keen to join . Can you share More details on how this work ? I would like to switch to work at home but have no idea how to.

    1. Hi Kassy, is great to see that you are enquiring with us. We will be keeping in touch with you via email. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Eunice… I happened to come across your blog and find it really interesting!! I’m really keen to join and would you email me with more information. ThankU


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