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Hi, all the readers in this Mummy Circle.

We set up this, is to help more women and their families to enable them to have financially independent, have fun together, have someone to talk with, support each other. Bring each and everyone of us together.

To let the individual’s spouses to understand what their the other half is doing. So we welcome everyone, not only mummies, even spouses are welcome here.

We will be doing regularly updates on events on how our group’s mummies or non mummies are doing.

Please do follow us here. So that we can spread the words out to help more women, individuals and their families.

The sunrise picture symbolizes a new beginning, a new start.

Throw away the past, let a new day, new beginning starts from here.

Cheers everyone have a great reading.

Angiekwek Blog

Hi Readers,
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The Journey Begins..

Thanks for joining me! As of how every blog always begins, let me start with an introduction about myself. I have a happy family with a doting husband and lovely son. A cheerful and typical lady who loves beauty travels and recently cooking.  I have been delaying setting up the blog due to a common reason – No Time. I have recently decided to give myself a short career break and therefore giving me more time to do things that I have always wanted.  There are a lot of interesting activities that I have picked up, so if you are interested to know more Please follow me on my social media platform and of check out this blog periodically.

In this blog, I will include interesting insight about travels, beauty, food and basically anything that I felt worth sharing. Please give me your best support by following my blog.

‘ If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you.’                   Simon Sinek


vndwellness Blog

Hi Readers,
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This is page about me (V) and my boy (D). Mummy V is working full-time and running a business online too, with a group of mumpreneurs. The group is fun-loving and we do lots of sharing, learning and growing together as well as having family-friendly events too! Mummy V and baby D faces lots of ups and downs, as well as struggles in our ‘first’ journey together. V being a first-time mummy and D in his growing-up path.

Mummy V had lots of conflicting thoughts from the moment D arrived – to breastfeed or not, whether to have a dummy, co-sleep or crib, and many many more. I believe the list will be never-ending and even more challenging ahead.

Thus, the birth of this page V+D Wellness because we hope to share the things that we had learnt from each other, the struggles we had faced and the happy moments we experienced. We hope this would be a platform that would provide some insights as well as inspiration to other parents/children out there. And of course, we hope that readers are also able to share with us their ideas and views as well. Feel free to comment and share your experiences too! 🙂


Feeling blessed.

Feeling blessed.


So one day, I was having wine with my cliché of friends, relaxing and catching up with the latest situations of our lives when suddenly the discussion went to having a bike trip in Japan.

There is so much laughter talking about the route and where fly to start and where we end. As usual, ladies were all lost at the orientation of the route and gentlemen were lost in the excitement of the bike ride.

I suddenly felt I was quiet and was listening to the conversation for a long time without the chance of joining in the discussion.

They talked about asking for time off or if they had enough off days to claim. They joked about getting medical certificates then made opinions on how expensive it will be.
I sat there in the midst, not really contributing to this topic as I didn’t have any problems with taking time off work. Unlike them, my work hours were flexible, allowing me to balance time to my friends and work without any worry.

I had a strong feeling, feeling so blessed that I am in control of my own time.  Don’t get me wrong, I work hard each day but I could decide when to stop and when not to.  Being bonded by time is one of the hardest things to deal with.  Sacrificing our precious time with our love ones to selling the times to our employment.  Anyway, I am really enjoying my business making more than average employment and most important not slaving my time to the company.

Munyee18 Blog

Hi Readers,
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My Discovery Channel

Welcome all to my Blog.
I have been a working mum for the past 20+ years with 3 lovely kids.  Throughout this 20+ years, my life mainly revolved around my work and my family.  There is little time to persue my personal interest.  It is now time to make a change to my life and get to be more aware of the world around me and live life differently.

With Blessings from my family, I have quit my job a couple of months back.  Exercising and Cooking are some of the things that I have began to dapple in.  Tried some creative cooking and ahem got some good “reviews” from kids.

I have created this blog to share my new experiences and hope this will give you the encouragement to live life as you wish for.   Have Fun !  Comment and Share your experiences with me.



Christine220 Blog

Hi Readers,
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This blog is created to care and encourage each other and make more friends.  My dream is to empower more single moms to discover the strength within us.

Hi I am Christine; a single mother blessed with three kids. 

Well, everyone knows the challenges of a single mom so I am not going to blah blah blah about it.

But sharing some experiences raising them…… I sometimes feel unfair as I have to be a mom and I have to be a dad too.  But after these years, I really appreciate what life has made me.

Are you ready to hear it?  After all these years, besides being a mom … I became a plumber, an electrician, a teacher, a cleaner, a chauffeur, a counsellor, an entrepreneur…… and the list goes on.  

With all the challenges, I almost forget myself trying to make the children comfortable and not feel ‘different’.

To keep my kids going and maintain my standard of living I tried all ways to generate income but I was so encouraged each time I come home with my children telling me how great I was,, now I am an awesome mom to them.

Right, so much of being a single mom, I also eventually found myself.  I love to bake now and make lots of friends while learning to bake and cook.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a good cook but I am good learning from other moms, 3 ingredients recipes, 20 mins dinner ready recipes and easy healthy snacks etc.  I am really enjoying quick dinner and snacks prepared for my children.

I love to watch movies with my kids, all new movies we will watch first hand! I love to spend time at the park feeding the fish in the pond. I also have 2 cats and I adore them so much and because of them, I make lots of cat lover friends too.

I am thankful and grateful that what was taken away from me make me a stronger and happier person now.



GeeSimplyMe Blog

Hi Readers,
This is one of the member’s blog. Please do come in and read her article. Below is her 1st post. Show some support, support!

Welcome to my blog… it’s all about my sharing anything that’s positive like the saying goes ‘A Simple Life is A Beautiful Life’.

I will also share stuff that makes me happy, beauty & health tips, DIYs and new beauty gadgets. Travel & Food will also be one of my favorites to share coz food simply brings me to cloud 9.

Simply stays Healthy & Beautiful, Live & Love simply, learn constantly. I’m always me…



To children school

Today, brought my kids to their school. Normally, had my parents helping to fetch us over. But today, they unable to come over.

So 3 of us went on by bus. Was a crowded bus, my kids was looking for seats. But on one was there to let them sit.

Was blessed that suddenly someone gave up her seat, very appreciated the lady who gave up your seat.

As walking to school after dropping down from bus. Was thinking…..

Wah. Everyday, the mothers or fathers who do not have a transportation. Everyday need to take bus or walk so that they able to bring their beloved kids to school. And after that need to rush to work. After work, need to rush back to fetch kids….

I’m the lucky ones that decided to start the journey in this own time, own target online business. With the supports from my spouses. And with a great team working together. Thats why, i’m able to send my kids to school without rushing off. Even have the time to say goodbye to my kids.

Which makes me wanting to write this article today. To those parents with kids, needs to balance between work and family. Hope able to meet more of these group of people, we can share our problems, our tips on how to handle between 2 sides.

Cheers everyone, is a great monday. Ending with a great breakfast picture before starting my training with some of the group members.

This breakfast is it familiar? Haha. The location i’m now at is in bishan….